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iGeneration for iPad

Quick post to talk about iGeneration for iPad, which is finally out !

I’am currently working for MacGeneration / iGeneration, especially on the iOS side. The iphone application (MacG Mobile) is available since December 2009 now, and yesterday the iPad version was finally released.

For screenshots you can look at the application on the App Store :

I’m glad that it’s currently occupying the first place for free apps on the French iPad App Store.

I’m also very happy because in general people seems to like the application, we received several emails from happy people, which is nice.

I would like to thank our designer, Marc Gianelli who made a very great job, it was nice working with him.

As the application is available on all App Stores, I encourage you to download and try it, even if it’s a french app, you can still look at the UI and the ergonomics and possibly give me feedbacks on what you liked / disliked ;)

So now, I’m back working on MacG Mobile for the third version, code name “Already there”.