Cocoa in the Shell

About those «Rate this app» alerts

A fairly amount of apps on the App Store ask you to rate them when you used them for a while.

Seriously, WTF people ?!

I mean, it’s a very very bad user experience, it totally kills your flow and requires that you exit the app, why the hell would I do that ?

If I think your app is awesome I’ll rate it, no need to harass me like that.
This is even worse when this is a paid app, because well, I paid, I expect to use the app without any disturbances, and enjoy it, but you prevent me.

In fact when I see a dialog like this it’s pretty simple, I don’t like your app anymore, you annoyed me, and I’ll probably exit the app and put a single fucking star, because you deserve it.

Plus, if you want more downloads, it’s a far better investment to make your customers happy by providing them a good user experience.
Even if they don’t take the time to rate your app, you can be sure they will talk about it to their entourage to show them how great it is, and you will gain more customers this way than with the App Store reviews.