Cocoa in the Shell

WWDC 2011 videos

WWDC 2011 videos session can be downloaded if you have a developer account. For developers who weren’t at the WWDC (like me) It’s a great opportunity to learn many things.

I watched all the videos I was interested in, and I was pleased to see that in session 105 (Polishing your app) two things that I’ve recently talk about were evoked :

  1. Rate this app alerts are bad, nothing more to say, really. At 11’ in the video.
  2. Synchronous NSURLConnection are bad, really. At 18’10 in the video.

If you want to learn about the new ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) feature, watch these videos :

  • Session 323 – Introducing Automatic Reference Counting
  • Session 322 – Objective-C Advancements in Depth

For improving your apps performances :

  • Session 310 – What’s New In Instruments
  • Session 312 – iOS Performance and Power Optimization with Instruments
  • Session 318 – iOS Performance in Depth
  • Session 121 – Understanding UIKit Rendering

Core Graphics (Quartz) is easy : - Session 129 – Practical Drawing for iOS Developers

Of course there are plenty more on a wide variety of subject that you should definitively watch.