Cocoa in the Shell

Lion and SL-NTFS

Lion has been out for a week now, and today someone asked me if I planned to release an update for SL-NTFS. To be honest I haven’t tried it on Lion, because I don’t have a NTFS disk anymore, and don’t need one.

To answer the question, no I don’t plan to release an update for SL-NTFS, for at least two reasons :

  • At the very beginning I developed SL-NTFS for me because I needed it, and I learned Cocoa by writing it, and as I said I don’t need it anymore.

  • I don’t have the time and more important I don’t have the motivation to work on it.

If someone is interested I’m willing to give the code. The code is probably ugly as I didn’t know Cocoa very well at the time so you will have to excuse me !

EDIT 18/11/2011

Due to demands, here are the sources.

Consider the licence to something like Do what the fuck you want, I do not care.