Cocoa in the Shell

The noobisation of

For long was my favourite default application on OS X. Easy to use, yet very powerful.
It was very convenient to convert images because a wide variety of image format are natively supported on OS X thanks to ImageIO.
But since Lion, and the screw Power users philosophy, Apple decided to remove most of them, now Preview can only export in 6 formats instead of the previous 12.

  • Because you know, JPEG–2000 is a widely used format and GIF is dead.
  • ICNS was great to make OS X icons, even Icon Composer is now longer part of the developer tools.
  • ICO sux, agreed, but well it’s still the standard for favicons, even if PNG are supported by all browsers.

So, why the hell ? seriously, all these formats are natively supported by the OS, why remove them ? If it’s because of the noobs, that’s plain stupid, they still are capable of choosing OpenEXR.

I suppose the idea is, go to the MAS and buy an app for that, well f*** you Apple.