Cocoa in the Shell

qlImageSize improvements

qlImageSize just got better ! It now supports two non-standard images formats, WebP and Portable Pixmap.


To enable this you must have the library installed on your Mac, if it’s not the case, the easiest way is via Homebrew :

brew install webp

If you don’t use Homebrew, you need to have libwebp.dylib in your /usr/local/lib folder.
All the loading is done dynamically at runtime.

If you have Pixelmator installed, its own QuickLook plugin might get in the way.
To fix this you need to edit the file /Applications/ and remove the dict entry that handles webp.
Another plugin that might get in the way is webp-quicklook, same thing just remove it and it will be good.
Don’t forget to reset the QuickLook daemon though :

qlmanage -r
qlmanage -r cache

Portable Pixmap

I stumbled upon some .pgm images a few days ago and forgot that OS X didn’t handle them natively, so I quickly coded something to render them. Who the fuck use this ? Well it’s easy, some Linux users.

To make this works we need to register 3 UTI (ppm, pbm, pgm) that conforms to public.image, the easiest way is by following the steps described here.

You can download the plugin here.

PS : Also working on getting better SVG preview.