Cocoa in the Shell


About me

I'm a french iOS / Mac OS dev'. I have played with Macs for a very long time now… In fact I never had a single PC running Windows in my possession. Meaning I'm not this kind of iOS generation switcher guy.
Well, these days I tend to use Linux, because well OS X… nevermind, I'll be accused of trolling again.

As the name of the blog suggests, I'm a big fan of Ghost in the Shell, and I strongly encourage you to watch the movie if you never saw it.

As I don't really have a social life, you can only find me on the net, but beware, the net truly is vast and infinite. That's not true anymore, I guess.

About Cocoa in the Shell

Cocoa in the Shell is a full static blog generated by Minko (formerly Pino), my Python script. The difference between Minko and Pino being the support of tags and Markdown.
The posts are written in MultiMarkdown and converted to HTML using my fork of multimarkdown.

The terminal icon in the banner was made by Anthony Nelzin, the rest was generated by the following Objective-C program.
Yeah I coded it, I have a hard time using image editors.

Here, I try to speak of coding subjects that are not approached elsewhere, because I don't see the point of talking a zillion time on simple topics that can be found all over the net.
That's one of the reason why I don't post very often, I'm trying hard to find rare or new topics.
Update: Fact is, I don't try anymore, I'm bored. All these smart-{insert a random object here} stuff is depressing.

All code samples quoted on the blog may be freely used for any purpose at your own risk. If it blows your toaster up that's a shame, really.